Welcome to Geeboss, a Graphic Effect Editor for BOSS units. The primary purpose of this software is to provide BOSS effect users with an efficent graphic interface.

The first version of the tool is intended to BOSS GT-8 guitar effect processor users, but the software is designed so that it can evolve to support other units.

Getting Started

The latest release of Geeboss can be downloaded by following this link. Geeboss is a Java based software so you may want to visite sun's site to donwload JRE 1.5 or later.


The code developed by the Geeboss team to implement Geeboss is licensed under the GNU Public License, a copy of which can be found in the resources directory or on the Free Software Foundation site.


This product includes software developed by the Eclipse Project (

This product includes software developed by the Avalon Apache Project (

This product uses JSmooth exe wrapper (

This product uses NSIS installer (